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"100 Years of Joy"

To celebrate 100 Years of Joy of the most loved Italian aperitivo, and the endless opportunities for joyful connections, Aperol are producing internationally 2.5 million unique labels to wrap around bottles of the iconic orange drink used to make Aperol Spritz cocktails.

Aperol is using a new software that randomly mixes unique chromatic formulas and different textures on an historical image to make each of their labels a unique piece of art. Resulting in something truly vibrant and colorful, this innovative and original pop treatment truly showcases Aperol’s joyful tone of voice. The artwork on each label will showcase a re-interpretation of one of the most loved illustrations designed by Italian artist Lorenzo Mattotti (1990). The piece portrays a young couple dancing, holding the iconic bottle and two glasses full of the unmistakable liquid. 

In addition to the bespoke labels, Aperol have created the ‘100 Years of Joy logo’ represented by two joint zeros that embody the infinity symbol – (almost) as infinite as the different and unique labels that are being produced to celebrate this anniversary.

The limited edition labels will be placed on 1L and 3L magnum bottles distributed internationally in 2019 and gifted to Aperol friends across the globe.

Il Mondo Campari